Thursday, June 07, 2007


Yelena was successfully babysat twice in May, first when we went to see Arcade Fire and, second, when we went to 2 weddings in one day. (Yup, a veritable Niagra of nachas.) She had different babysitters each time and both declared her an easy sit. We were very concerned about bedtime, since our otherwise highly agreeable child is a tiny but mighty sleep warrior. Her first babysitter -- who sits regularly and for a couple decades -- said that, except for one child who puts his head on the stair and points when he's ready for bed, pretty much every kid she's ever babysat makes a fuss over bedtime and Yelena was on the low end of the fuss zone. Ha! Our second babysitter had a very easy time getting her to sleep, perhaps because he's a yoga teacher and probably wore her out. All he did was cuddle her for a couple minutes and she was out.
I took it all remarkably well (pat, pat), surprising Eli who thought I 'd be a neurotic mess. I spend time away from Yelena and I spend sufficient time with Eli after Yelena's bedtime, but it was great fun to actually go out with my husband and not have to worry about the diaper bag, swearing or drinking.



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