Thursday, February 08, 2007

Freezing Association

This crazy cold is making the rest of my household sleepy and me listless and a little freaky. No one is up to play with me and I can't quite bring myself to start a new book or do something useful, and I certainly can't muster up the energy to get ready for bed, so I'm going to post, rather than read every NYT and Guardian article or surf Friendster. (Thanks to Tony for sending me a link last week to someone we knew in college who was both crazy and majorly closeted. It turns out he is now out but just as insane. Well, at least we know his sexual orientation wasn't causing his insanity, he is just now a little more free to be his crazy-assed self. The point, if there ever were a point, is, Tony, you forced me to return to the socially obsolete network that is Friendster, look around at profiles and then realize that I am not searching in cloaked anonymity and now am outed as someone who has nothing better to do at 1 a.m. than look at profiles of erstwhile friends and acquaintances. I have much better things to do, but instead I surf and lurk and watch Buffy in French. Which is, oh my God, beyond hilarious.)


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