Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Snow days

All thawed out here. Last week I became one of those people for whom I have nothing but contempt. Yes, I am one of those selfish bastards who barricaded a parking space. According to Chicago ordinance it is legal, if not ethical. I was going to the opera last Tuesday. After shoveling a foot or so of snow away from the car I just couldn't deal with coming home at midnight and searching for a space, blocks away, and then carrying Yelena there the following morning. (As soon as this weather is finished, we're paving the private alley and the parking search shall be a thing of the past.) When it drops below 10 and the snow reaches higher than a pair of go-go boots I am allowed to rationalize.
Freaky orange tabby. I am typing this while waiting for Eli to get back from yoga. I just squeezed lemon for our dinner (pasta with tuna packed in olive oil, kalamata olives, capers, garlic and said lemon) and Theo is in a citrus induced madness. I must have gotten some on my fleece as he is licking it obsessively. You think he'd be into the tuna, mais non. I could hire him out for a lemony exfoliation treatment and earn enough to put him on the Prozac he so desperately needs. Oh, it tickles!

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