Wednesday, June 20, 2007

(Far from) Free Parking

Our house now has off-street parking! After a two year battle, the private alley is easemented (love that verbification) and we have a parking pad in our yard. We did a one-car gravel pad -- we wanted to lose as little of our yard as possible and liked the removability of gravel for re-sale value, you know, in case the next owner cares about cars and wants to build a garage or expand the pad.
Now our yard is oddly shaped. We are annexing the end of the private alley into our yard. It is our land and no one needs it for ingress or egress. The fencing contractor will build-in a storage bench, two planters and two short benches to turn the space into a conversation pit or, as I like to call it, a make-out nook. We are also fencing in our front yard, along with our three ajoining neighbors (no return between our houses), to keep out the trash and dog crap.
Most of my free time has been spent gardening these past weekends, hence the hush. That, and our Spring Dance Card has been overbooked. Bloody social whirwind. No room to squeeze in so much as a foxtrot on the blog. We are going up to Michigan for a long weekend, so I'll bring Jasper (my computer. Yeah, I named my computer, wanna mess?!) and write up a gob of stuff -- and perhaps post a slew of glossies of a certain baby doll -- to compensate for my recent poor showing. Promises, promises.


Blogger Tony said...

Hey, awesome, I can't wait to see the new yard!


Gooooo Lifcos!


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