Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Just give her some wings

Yelena had her 18 month check-up yesterday. Her ears are still looking good, as is the rest of her. She weighed in at 25 pounds and nary an ounce and is just shy of 31 inches. She is around the 50th% for both -- a bit over for weight and a bit under for height. Her head was 48 centimeters, moving her up to the 95th%. That's one big head on one medium body. With her feet finally growing out of the 6-12 month socks (her 6-12 shoes still fit) she looks like a Boticelli cherub, all cute round head.
Last night, after searching 15 minutes for a parking space after dance classes, I came in to find Yelena already asleep. Daddy wasn't even trying -- just holding the fort until I returned -- but managed to get her down in 20 minutes. Go Daddy!



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