Thursday, March 15, 2007

Those Feisty Ides

I managed to make it through today without any blatant backstabbings, well, at least any readily apparent backstabbings and that's good enough for me. It's much easier to avoid coups and mutinies outside the office, away from the theatre folk and no longer on any synagogue committees. Despina did have a murderous gleam in her eye but I managed to quell it with a packet of ocean fish & tuna in broth. If only the Romans were so appeasable.
I've been a quiet type lately, haven't I? How peculiar. I wish I could report momentous goings on but we've just been mucking about. The wee one is adorable and is transitioning to sit up on her own -- and loves showing off this new skill -- on her right side and almost on her left. I asked Evette if we were "normal" parents with a "typical" child (I'm waxing all quotalicious) would we even notice or care that she always sat up on one side. She said that many children do one-sided skills (always roll to one side, always stand with their the same leg first, etc.) and their parents never notice, but this can really affect coordination later on. Yelena may be taking an eon to master these skills, but her form is impeccable. Tortoises of the world unite! She is also finally staying in quadraped for a while and doing much assisted crawling, but she would much rather butt scoot or practice walking. Her receptive language is growing and she's vocalizing more in play, with a few additional words which she uses intermittently. Before swim last week, one of her classmates toddled up to her in the locker room and Yelena looked at her and, with a huge smile, said, "Hi!" Such a charmer.
I'll post some pictures in the near future.
We had a neurologist appointment Monday, but I am so not in the mood to write about it. It will have to wait.
We are terrible Jews and negligent parents and did not end up taking Yelena to any Purim festivities. I didn't want to deal with the late bedtime Erev Purim and, when it came time to take her Sunday morning to the family Megillah reading I decided to make waffles instead. Baaaaad Mommy, selfish Mommy.
Self-sufficiency is the name of the game for the adults around here this week. Eli fixed our leaky disposal and I fixed the pop-up drain in the upstairs loo. I now know what a clevis rod is. As I gathered up our tax documents to send to the accountant it occurred to me that I have underwritten $50 million loans, I could probably handle our measly tax return. And I did. All filed. All happy.
We also bought a to-be delivered TV. It's big. Not Lawrence of Arabia sunrise big, but pretty friggin' big. Eli wanted bigger, but I capped him at 56". It's the JVC rear projection thingie with lots of pixels and other good stuff. It will be refreshing not to squint at subtitles or credits.
Because we don't have enough to do, we've started watching 24. Netflix can't keep up with our jonesing.
Hail Caesar.

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